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Default Re: Your parents' attitude towards your drumming

Nothing but support.

In my family 3 out of 5 members make - and have always made - a living off of music (2 of them as musicians, 1 is a promoter/agent).
The remaining 2 members (me & my younger brother) also play music, but we have other professions for paying the bills and only do music on the side. We've both played with many different bands and recorded tho, but nothing to really make a living with.

And also my grandma was a professional opera singer till the day she retired.
So I've pretty much grown up with music really being a normal, everyday thing. Lots of different instruments at the house. Drums was something I picked up because it just felt right, I guess. I've also played the bass and percussions in bands - actually I've probably done more gigs with those instruments than with the drums.

But my mom would have encouraged me to be happy in whatever hobby I would have chosen. I played football for years before even thinking about the drums and she was super-supportive with that too.

Very interesting that stuff about the fish also, I have to say!
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