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Default Re: Pedal ranking - Light to Heavy Feel

Originally Posted by gr82bagn View Post
Ok, based on the big picture I see it as follows:
JoJo Mayer PB
Axis AL-2
Pearl Demon Drive
Speed King
Tama Speed Cobra
Pearl Eliminator
Mapex falcon
Tama Iron Cobra
Seems controversial to me! What do Trick and Axis users have to say about that? Anyone plan to use two Jojo singles on their double bass drums? Why? Why not?

I'm also wondering about the placement of the Mapex Falcon above the DW9000 in the list. Isn't the Falcon heavy like an Iron Cobra, heard some people say that.

Remember this is about the feel of the pedal, not the responsiveness... if that doesn't confuse you, that is.

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