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Default Show us your tiny kits

Hello Fellow Musicians & Drummers. I'm new to the thread and drumming,but crazy about small,portable,minimalist (mini) drum kits.Also interested in Minimalist Style Drumming.Last spring,I put together a small sit down cocktail kit from two cheap toms.It's a 3 piece kit that is supposed to play like a 4 piece.The snare is a 14" Pulse Piccolo,rack tom is 12X8,and the floor tom/bass drum is 16X15.I disassembled the toms,removed the wraps,sanded and filled the shells,stained,& applied urethane to them.Then re-assembled them. After playing around with this kit for a few months,I've decided to go ahead and convert the Floor tom into a regular horizontal bass drum.Bought a bass drum tom mount and planning to make a DIY drum lift instead buying a conversion kit.It was a bit awkward playing the floor tom using an inverted kick pedal.I think converting it to a regular 4 piece will allow me with greater ease to learn to play styles that I'm very much interested in.Have a look and thanks:)
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