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Default Re: 15 yr old develops revolutionary cancer test

Originally Posted by larryz View Post
The old cash cow for the conventional medical industry, chemotherapy and radiation, fails 95% of the time but doctors continue to perscribe it. Why?
I guess I've been lucky. I personally know six, "5 percenters" who made it due to chemo and radiation. I've met many more that are in remission today thanks to the "cash cow" and I'm aware of many more than that. But for the purpose of this argument, I'll just stick to what I've seen with my own two eyes.

Alas, despite all the arm-chair expert babble that I've read here over the last couple of days, these guys and girls weren't doing too good a job of "healing themselves" at all at the time.

Personally I'm glad they were lied to to the extent that they're all still around to tell their tale. Not convinced they would be if it wasn't for so many greedy medicos and health corporations that clearly decided to rob them blind by saving their lives. I mean, the friggen' cheek right?
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