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Originally Posted by larryz View Post
Conventional medical people with degrees largely funded by pharmaceutical companies should not assume that they are any more knowledgeable than myself, the other Larry or anyone else simply because of a piece of paper.
Larry, thank you. In the last year my cartooning inspiration dried up because, as years pass, I find an increasing number of things I don't much care about. But I DO care about the way people are turning away from science and towards superstition.

I find the whole anti-science thing bizarre. Do we want to go back to believing the earth is flat or that sickness is caused because we failed to sacrifice a virgin to Doc Watso? Science works. That's how we can be discussing this from 10,000 miles away.

Originally Posted by HipshotPercussion View Post
Okay, I did steal it. The post/article is here:

I note that your name is Larry. I'm starting to think that if I call anyone on this forum Larry I have a fair chance of getting it right.
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