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Default Re: 15 yr old develops revolutionary cancer test

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
You mean to tell me that a 15 YO kid was the first one to understand how to do this when there are people who work with this stuff everyday? Please. I betcha with the technology we have available today, that any disease can be cured. But you will never see a cure marketed by the medical profession, only treatment. I do not trust the medical profession or my government whatsoever.

Basically what this tells me is a high school kid made more progress than the whole of the medical profession in this particular case. Either the whole of the medical profession is incompetent, or they don't want to catch anything early, not profitable enough. They are not incompetent. They are super smart, but morally bankrupt IMO. The medical profession, as a whole, puts profits before cures everyday of the week. Not saying there aren't good doctors, just saying that the industry is geared towards profit over cures. I believe they can cure anything they want, but that's bad business to them.
+1 Larry.I've thought this for years.The money is in the research and developing new drugs that treat symptoms.....not in cures.Money generated in surgical procedures,hospital stays and more drugs and rehab generate enormous amounts of money for drug companies,and corporations that own the hospitals.

A new trend in the US is to close emerency/trauma rooms in hospitals,because they usually lose money from patient care and transportation.

I sincerly hope this new inexpensive early warning technique works.Its time to get a handle on expensive health care.

Steve B.
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