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Default Re: Your parents' attitude towards your drumming

I always sang before starting to play. I then did the usual hiting anything with knitting needles, wooden spoons etc. The only instrument I ever wanted to play was drums. My parents however didn't have the money for a kit, so tried to interest me in other things- I took violin at school for 8 weeks until I could bear the screeching no more. My mother then arranged accordian lessons which I just flatly refused and then managed to take some (orchesteral) percussion lessons at school, which again I didn't really take to but put up with for the opportunity to play real drums.

It was that which led on to kit playing,. A friend had a bass/snare/hihat set up which we were playing in school when the brass teacher walked by. He asked me to play some basic stuff- all the years on the pots and pans stood me in good stead and I could play everything he asked me for. he put me in touch with a local youth group who needed a drummer- they had their own kit so my lack of gear was no issue. I played with them for nearly 10 years until I moved away for work after university. During that time I bought my own kit and took some lessons.

I was never really discouraged from playing, but I certainly wasn't encouraged until it was very clear that I was never goiong to take up a nice sedate instrument like harp or eukelele...

I'm sure if we had been better off financially, I would have been encouraged more. Since I never was discouraged from pursuing my goal and since it became clear that this was my path, my parents and other family members have been both supportive and proud of my achievements, limited in respect to many others as they have been. There was music in the family before me, but no drums. I'm stoked that my 7 year old is playing now too with her little kit that I built out of orphan drums.My eldest plays clarinet to a good standard, and occassionally shows her music teacher how to play a bosa nova on drums too! Our youngest, who is still some way off music lessons at just 16 weeks old, will be encouraged to take up any instrument she fancies too- its the gift that just keeps on giving as long as you are able to play. I do hope it's drums though...

Drumming is one of the few things I do in my like that gives me pure joy, that and seeing my kids grow and prosper. Humping gear and band politics etc are just the necessary evil which allows me to get my fix once in a while! I have a feeling i would be much less happy generally if i could no longer play.
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