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Default Re: Beyonce lip syncing

Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
I've never understood why lip-syncing is such a big deal. Performers augment their sound with all kinds of technology, add loops of pre-recorded performances, etc. They have their vocals tuned on the recordings, the drum parts quantized and half the bands replace members with session "ghost" players who don't get credit on the albums.

And this is not new! The Monkees were a manufactured act that couldn't even play any instruments when they released their first "album."

But Milli Vanilli gets ridiculed to the point where their careers end and one of the guy winds up killing himself over it? Really?

Beyonce has a great set of pipes. Why all the focus on her?

Baffles me. People are crazy.


Im not a fan of Beyondsay, but if were dissing lip-syncers, shes just one in a looooooooooong line. And I never hear anybody complain about lip syncing in music videos.
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