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Default Re: Beyonce lip syncing

During the last inauguration, Yo-Yo Ma played along to a pre-recorded piece because it was below freezing and there was concern that his cello wouldn't stay in tune and his fingers wouldn't be able to pull it off. It looked like he was playing and he was all pro about it, smiling and the whole bit ... I don't think I had much of an opinion on that at the time, other than maybe they shouldn't have asked him to play if he wasn't actually going to be able to play.

I must admit to feeling a little duped watching someone like Whitney or Beyonce belting it out only to find out that what I'm seeing isn't what I'm hearing. I know it's really them singing and they're great and all that, but it's not live and there's just something about it that doesn't sit right, like what's being heard isn't at all reflecting the energy surrounding the event, whether that be an inauguration or any live performance. I want whatever warts may come - pros can handle that.
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