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Default Re: Your parents' attitude towards your drumming

I'm from another family where nobody had any real musical talent or inclination, and probably the only real exposure I had before attending school was the easy-listening station that my mom had running in the living room at all hours. When I got to school, there was a pretty active music program starting at 3rd grade, and I somehow got it into my head that I should take up trumpet. My trumpet instructor firmly told me, after about six months, that I would probably never make it as a musician.

It wasn't until eighth grade that I ventured back into the band room, this time on saxophone. I twice made all-state on saxophone (once alto, once tenor); I picked up bass to play in jazz band, and I picked up drums to play for fun and in pep band. Drums are what stuck (although I have gotten back into playing bass for fun).

During this time my parents were extremely supportive, if a little shocked at the strange left turn my life had taken. I was able to practice at all reasonable hours, have friends over to play music, and attend lessons whenever was convenient, including summer vacation and weekends when it might have been inconvenient for them. I can't imagine how many thousands of dollars and hundreds of miles they expended on my musical aspirations. So they always get free copies of CDs I record on.
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