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So what you're saying is that people that spend seven years studying a subject to known objective standards know less than a guy who just reads what he hears about on the Internet?

Sorry. I'm hearing the gravy train of bollocks.

I don't know if you've ever written a scientific paper. I've written a few very basic studies when I was at school and at University (in different fields) and let me assure you that unless you've written a paper, you have no idea what the process involves and how it will get ripped to shreds by anybody within twenty feet.

On the other hand, you have an idea about something. You buy the web server, a web host and spend a couple of days tinkering with the page until it says what you want it to say. Review process? Nil. Credibility? Nil. If you treated the websites you're spouting with the same skepticism that you treat scientists then you'd realise that none of the websites you cited earlier hold anything like a worthwhile opinion and any information that is truthful, is probably truthful through coincidence.

No, sorry. I'm sticking with the scientific process. It's only - what? Five hundreds years old or so?

Have you got any papers from a reputable journal demonstrating the effectiveness of chiropractors?
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