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Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
Also, Larryz. None of those sources on your post are worth reading. All of them are utter bollocks and would be dismissed out-of-hand in any serious discussion of the issue using the demonstrated, reliable and very effective scientific process in a peer-reviewed publication.
Disagree. Conventional medical people with degrees largely funded by pharmaceutical companies should not assume that they are any more knowledgeable than myself, the other Larry or anyone else simply because of a piece of paper. Obtaining a degree in chiropractic is at least as difficult study-wiseif not more difficult than a conventional medical degree. History has shown conventional medical association's attempts to discredit chiropractic profession as quackery. Because it cuts into their profits. The day will come, hopefully soon, where people will see it the other way. It's starting to happen now. Parents are refusing dangerous vaccines for their kids. Flu shots, same thing. Many doctors polled said they would not vaccinate their own kids, and don't, but they'll vaccinate yours and tell you it's necessary. Lie. Schools lie about mandatory vaccination, but in the U.S. vaccines are not legally required to go to any school anywhere. But schools won't tell you that or inform parents of that option. A big joke is what is. Diet and exercise is way more effective and safer. A average child will have over 80 vaccines by age 18. It was 3, three, when I was a kid. And I'm not that old. Rise in vaccines, rise in autism? Concidence? Not a friggen chance. Unconscionable. Television reaps over 30% of the advertising revenue from drug ads. Think there will be any real discussion over the safety of vaccines? No way. The evidence is overwhelming. And people are becoming enlightened. A good thing :)

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