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Default DW 5000 - how to fix advice

Yesterday the chain on one of my (quite new) DW5000 pedals snapped where it connects to the bracket under the board. The small pin that holds the chain to this bracket just broke in half.

To fix this I bought a new chain from DW and tried to undo the screw on the pedal, only for it to completely thread the screw and make it useless. So now I have a old broken chain and a useless screw - argh!

Can anyone tell me what screw this is by any chance? I know it's a machine screw with a flat philips head, but I am not sure on the dimensions or what I need to exactly ask for when I try to replace it? I know DW do a spare part, but I really don't want to pay a fortune for a screw that is probably available from DIY etc.

Any advice would be great - thanks.
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