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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Hey guys! New here!
Real Name: Michele
Age: 25
How long have I been playing: 13-14 years
Origin of my username: my italian short name (michi) and one of my band's name, coma!
Top 5 drummers: Uli Kusch, Gavin Harrison, Chris Coleman, Federico Paulovich, Raphael Saini
Make of Drumkit: Drumcraft DC8 Birch
Make of Cymbals: Meinl, Sabian
Where do you practice: My own rehearsal room/home studio
Are you or were you in a band: Yeah, with my thrash metal band COMA we have just released an album, and we toured europe supporting metal legends MASTER. Right now I'm in the middle of pre-production recording sessions for a new project with the bass player from Charlie Dominici
Covers or originals: Originals!
Style of music: Thrash with Coma, More melodic/progrtessive/speed with the other project
Drink: Water, lemon tea
Country: Italy
How did I start drumming: Self-taught when I was like 11-12, then I started Study with a couple of teachers
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