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Default Re: Beyonce lip syncing

I just wondered about why I started this thread - it's a judgemental and negative premise, something I usually try to avoid (?). I suspect it's leftover resentment at my gym - which never plays music with a real drummer. I see it as a deliberate rejection of organic music which seems to have induced a little old lady panic.

Music's going the way of the manufacturing industry. More and more humans replaced by machines. So much of the art of the sculptor and craftsmen and women was superseded by mechanisation.

// end middle aged angst

Great point about Milli Vanilli. Seems the producer who hired the dancers to front the, um, enterprise, did just fine afterwards while the two guys wore all the flak. SNAFU

Her excuse says a lot - "I did not have time to rehearse with the orchestra" ... for a huge gig that absolutely had to be done perfectly. Dat's business, eh? A lot of pro sport doesn't look very sporting either - like Azarenka's questionable injury time out a few days ago.


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