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Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Since fluoride was put in the water tooth decay has reduced markedly. An ex partner had a big issue about fluoride in the water, that it somehow softened us up for mind control by the powers that be. Uh huh. And the moon landing was falsified and we're covering up evidence of Bigfoot and aliens at Roswell (who were apparently members of the Planet Express crew). While we little people lap up a lot of BS fed to us, we also manage to generate a fair bit of BS of our own.

The problem is, the alternative movement takes on a religious fervor all its own and then science gets lost along the way. The same skepticism and critical review that the government and big institutions face should be applied to the information from alternative sources. Because let's not kid ourselves, they have agendas of their own. Not to mention books to sell.
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