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Default Re: Your parents' attitude towards your drumming

Nobody in my family is musically inclined as far as I know. But I wanted to be a musician as far back as I can remember. As a kid, most of the toys I owned were toy instruments. Between the ages of 3 and 6, all I did all day long was to listen to my parents' stack of 45 rpm records on a portable record player while accompanying the music on my little drum setup of a toy snare drum and a tambourine that served as a cymbal.

In my early teens, I got into rock and bought a cheapo electric guitar then switched to bass because a band in my neighborhood needed a bass player. My parents did not like me being in a band. They were worried about drugs, drinking and groupies that might come with it. LOL. I went on playing anyway, and no, did not do drugs or unfortunately did not have groupies throwing themselves at me!!! I played bass for over 30 years. I did it professionally during and right after college. Then got a day job and started playing semi-professionally on the weekends.

I always had a soft spot for drums, but it was not until 3 years ago when I was 46 when I took them up for the first time. I was banging on a djembe at an open mic for the fun of it and these two guys invited me to join their band as a percussionist. After a few months they asked me if I would consider switching to drums. I gave it a try and loved it. Few weeks after my first time of sitting at a drum kit, I was playing a paid gig. I knew the songs well from playing percussion on them so playing basic beats on the kit was not that hard. Since then, for the last three years, I have been learning on the job.

And going back to my parents, now they support my weekend warrior activities. They ask for photos from my gigs. My 72 year old mom asks me to play drums for her when she comes over and starts dancing. LOL
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