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The 'mercury' controversy has been alleviated. In the US, mercury has been removed from all vaccines for administration for children under the age of six.

There was also a fraudulent case in the UK about the MMR vaccine causing Autism that was demonstrated as fraud. Andrew Wakefield (the man that published the study) has actually been struck off the medical register. As a result, measles had a renaissance in the UK and it's only now that the case was demonstrated to be fraudulent that the cases have begun to reduce again.

Larry, would you want to have smallpox? Polio? Measles? Mumps? Rubella? HPV (ok, you can't get that one)? Malaria?

The fact is that since vaccination programmes have been undertaken, the incidences of fatal diseases in first-World countries has dramatically plummeted. Vaccinations are demonstrated to work and in the overwhelming majority of cases demonstrated to be safe and effective.

In terms of cost, do you think it's better for the pharmaceutical companies to produce vaccines that prevent diseases or allow people to develop those diseases and then medicate them for the rest of their lives?

Vaccines are a modern miracle.

As for aborted foetal tissue in vaccines? Give me a break. Try to find a neutral source that isn't a pro-life advocacy organisation - preferably a peer-reviewed journal - that perpetuates that myth. Even if they do, it makes no odds to me - it's not a human life anyway.

If you want life expectancy to fall below fifty and for generations to have perfectly preventable diseases for life (and hence more money for the pharmaceutical companies) be my guest but don't come crying to me when they get Malaria and Polio.
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