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Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Don't vaccinations have Mercury in them? Don't believe anything governments tell you, they do NOT have YOUR best interests at heart.

Your body does not require fluoride plain and simple. Why is the government so interested in our teeth? They're not.

Pharmaceutical execs answer only to shareholders. High profits keep them happy.
Go into a Walgreens or Riteaid here in the states and they'll practically hold you against your will to get any number of shots

flu shot
the other thing


Vaccines contain mercury, lead, and/or aluminum aborted human fetal tissue, etc. Your body is a living organism and can heal itself. Chicken pox, the flu require bed for a day or two. Your body naturally tries to fight it and heal itself. Why would you want dangerous drugs to inhibit the body's natural process. Once you the diease and are inconvenienced you have lifetime immunity. Why mess with the process? FDA is pissed at natural remedies because you can't patent and make billions off of a plant.

Favorite book of all time is Thugs Drugs and the War on Bugs. I'll send you a copy Larry. Fine reading. To each their own.

But let's get back to drums :)
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