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Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
The only reason I originally became vegetarian was because of what I considered a faceless industrial process. I've helped out on farms before and have caught fish, etc but the majority of the meat available to us - whilst audited - lies behind a set of processes. I'm not saying that the processes are inherently inhumane or that farmers have anything to answer for; in fact I know that farmers work incredibly hard in difficult circumstances (one of my Aunts is a farmer) but I want to be directly involved in that process.
This is a part of it for me... A few years back I really started to think about the american/western diet. The more I thought, the more it seemed clear that what we're doing isn't right. I don't believe that human beings are meant to eat this much animal flesh. If it weren't for the endless (utterly in-efficient) cycle of the meat industry, there simply wouldn't be an easy way to eat this stuff for every meal of every day, in huge quantities, until we feel "full".

When I pair this introspective with how much better I feel after a meal now, I just can't go back. I never feel bloated or sluggish, and frankly, the rest of the post-stomach digestive process improved more than I care to say in detail. As you say, the appeal has been lost to me, I just don't want to eat meat anymore.
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