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That or the lack of tea.

The only reason I originally became vegetarian was because of what I considered a faceless industrial process. I've helped out on farms before and have caught fish, etc but the majority of the meat available to us - whilst audited - lies behind a set of processes. I'm not saying that the processes are inherently inhumane or that farmers have anything to answer for; in fact I know that farmers work incredibly hard in difficult circumstances (one of my Aunts is a farmer) but I want to be directly involved in that process.

I remember finding a shop near Lancaster where you could buy sausages in the shop and see the same pigs (Gloucester Old Spots) around the back. I liked that a lot and it was my subsequent realisation of the industry of it all that made me a vegetarian.

Now, I just don't like the idea of eating it. Completely gone off it. No desire whatsoever.

I wouldn't for a second try to persuade others toward my point of view. That's up to them. I don't get upset when people cook meat around me and I have cooked meat for others. The only thing I ask is that they use separate implements to cook the meat from those that are being used to cook my food and not cross-contaminate - which is good practice in a kitchen anyway.
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