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Default Re: Your parents' attitude towards your drumming

I feel very lucky having read some of the non-supportive experiences here.

My parents have been (and continue to be) incredibly supportive of my music. Some of it might come from an obligation of sorts.

My family are all musical to lesser or greater degrees. All of my grandparents sing (and my grandfather that passed away a year ago was a very good singer indeed) and most play other instruments. My Mother was a cellist and pianist, my Dad was a trombonist and guitarist as well as singing. Neither play much any more but it's still there. Then my brother came along in 1986 and a couple of years later was discovered to be severely autistic. On the advice of a psychologist, they switched him on to the piano and he was discovered to have a vivacious talent - to say he was ten years ahead of his age on the instrument would be understating it. He also took up the French horn and was found to have a similar talent.

So naturally, I took up the piano for a few years and I sang. I gave up the piano but still sang in choirs and had a lot of serious singing lessons. Then when I got to fourteen out of nowhere I decided that I wanted to play the drums. Call it on a whim, really. A few weeks later, my parents had found me a good local teacher and started paying for lessons. Then I bought my own kit and really got the bug. They put up with the noise but it was no noisier than my brother playing the French horn and I suppose there was an egalitarian notion that if he could make noise, I could likewise make noise. They also bought me an electronic kit (a hint?!) a couple of years later that I still have - although it's not used hugely at the moment.

I cannot thank them enough. They still put up with noise in the house (I had to move back in with them through a variety of circumstances) but I make a point of only playing when they're not in. I think it's only fair!
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