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Default Re: Your parents' attitude towards your drumming

There are some great and interesting stories here.

To say my parents were supportive would be an understatement. Both have passed away but their influence will remain with me forever.

My Dad was a drummer who played in local big bands in the 40's & 50's and began playing in small wedding bands thereafter until the family / work life became to demanding in time and then he packed all his stuff away.

In 1976 he set up his drums for me at my asking (he was more excited than I was to do so) and after about 2 weeks of noodling, he signed me up for private lessons with a teacher up the street.

Throughout his life he absolutely loved that I was more than passionate about music and drumming and taught me more about jazz history than any other source. I still have a few pieces of his set - in fact, I just had his snare drum refurbished to a very played condition. His hi hat cymbals and bass drum remain as they were when he gave them to me in 1976. They are now tucked away.

My mom was more than supportive by making sure I was always allowed to practice in the house when I was home after school and on weekends without issues. This was a huge contribution to my production.

My Dad's brother played sax in the army during Korea and was on the road a while with some big bands afterwards. He packed it all away back in the around 1959 and didn't open his case until around 1979 when he decided he wanted to get a pickup jazz band which included me being their drummer. My Aunt (his wife) sang.

My parents didn't have much money so other than the gear my Dad gave me, I didn't get much help other than sticks, brushes, the occasional head and most importantly the money for my lessons. Any gear that came after that I had to earn the money delivering newspapers, mowing, shoveling, sweeping neighbor's garages, etc. I was so glad when I turned 16 to work my $3.05/per hour job which I saved enough money to buy good gear.

I also have/had other family members who played various instruments and sang as well (piano, drums, violin, vocalists, etc…)

My folks were the best and I have nothing but great memories which I cherish.

Sorry this is probably more than you wanted/needed to know or asked for.

Here's some cool old pics of my Dad and other family members playing....

The big band with a cousin playing guitar (sitting next to my Dad) and uncle playing sax (3rd one in from left).
Attachment 54417

The Ludwig's I still have (sans the two toms) with my cousin.
Attachment 54416

A jam session he played in Germany.
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