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Default Re: Your parent's attitude towards your drumming

WOW, I think many of us could write a book on our own experience/history with this one, and I know for me, this stirs the old emotional pot a bit. None the less, looking back, I have to say to myself, just be glad you were blessed with the talent
you were given. Looking back my 82yo mom says she wishes she would have gotten me drums sooner in my life, real drums. It wasn’t till I got my first ‘real’ job that a drummer friend took me and my tax return to get me my first kit.
From a family of 6, all but 2 played several instruments, and mom even taught piano at the house. So when I failed at learning that, It was back outside to play, no Xbox in those days. Needless to say, any drumming ability went unnoticed through the years
that my ‘not so good’ behavior became the only thing noticed. But three months after getting drums, I became the drummer for my friends band, and he moved to vocals, as I put all those ‘air drumming’ lessons into reality. Maybe the lessons I had to learn in life at that time took precedence to becoming a drummer..? IDK

DRUMeatDRUM, I can relate!
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