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Default Re: Silly question about kick drum depth

They need a sliding mount on that bass drum. What a way to cheap out shessh!!
Now they'll have extra holes! Dang!!

It's funny that everyone here seems to prefer the more shallow depth on the bass drum, but, not long ago, when I provided the kit for a benefit, I brought my 16" depth bass drum, and 4 of the 5 other drummers were bummed that I didn't bring the deeper one haha!

I'll agree that for practicality, the shorted depths are easier to deal with for lugging around, and for sure, you CAN get a great sound with a 14" depth drum. I never had a problem with my 14x24.
It's all in what you want for whatever music/group you are playing, and some people just don't care either way.

For one of my bands, the deep drum just doesn't seem "right", so I use the 18" depth shell, and I like it much more for the sound and vibe over the deep one.
I'd use the 16" depth for that band too, but I'd have to change the front logo heads between 2 different bands using that drum, and I'm lazy :-)
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