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Default Re: Your parent's attitude towards your drumming

I had it weird. My mom was totally supportive, and so not supportive all at the same time.

I grew up super poor for many years, single child of a single mom. Until around Jr. High school, when my mom went back to school and got her Masters and then got a good job. Then we graduated to middle class. So it was my mom who found a drum teacher and told me I was taking drum lessons, because I kept going around the house playing the intro to Rush's Cignus X-1 on everything.

She bought me my 1st kit, she paid for me to go to PIT. So I was beyond lucky in that regard.

But then after PIT graduation, it got weird. She couldn't understand why I couldn't just open up the paper, find a job listing, and go get a regular 40-hour a week job drumming, like any "regular" career. She never came to my gigs (save 1). There was never any support for my bands. She hounded me to go to college and get a regular degree. Even after I did that (because going to school during the day meant I was free to gig at night), no matter how much record company interest we got, no matter that we got some radio play, no matter how much was going right, there was always that disappointed attitude of "are you still in bands?"

So, I dunno. I never got why she'd sent me to PIT and then not support using that experience.

But that said, I miss her dearly now that she's gone.

I didn't find out until after she died that the guy who knocked her up with me was a drummer. So I suppose that was where some of the weirdness came from; cause he's a *bleeping* loser scum bag.
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