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Default Re: Your parent's attitude towards your drumming

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Hey Watso, I notice that the hat is in every one of your avi's. Is this something that should be delved deeper into? Do you wear one in real life? (this isn't real life here lol). Does it have to be white? Are you balding? It is a cool hat.
I do own a few like that, one is even white with a green strip(I prefer the black with white pin-stripes)... But the original dude-in-hat avatar is just some weird image that I found like 20 years ago and it stayed with me. Something about his expression fits my personality in an odd way. I believe you originally called attention to the hat and Henri ran with it for a while while you were away. There was a whole fish abuse theme for a while that you missed.

In short, I've never been one to dissuade a silly theme. These days, if you see a white brim hat next to a post, you can almost assume the content of the post will be asinine.
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