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Default Re: Your parent's attitude towards your drumming

My parents have always been supportive.

Both love music. My father messed around with tenor sax when he was younger, but never seriously. My mother sang in choir in school. My dad's record collection included Basie, Ellington and Kenton. My mom joined a record club as a kid and her favorite was Sketches Of Spain.

My mom insisted I save half the money I earned at my part-time jobs when I was a teen. I hated it, but within a couple years, I saved up enough money to buy my own drums. Suddenly, it didn't seem such a bad idea anymore.

My folks tolerated my drumming for years. I kept the drums upstairs in my bedroom. I practiced an insane amount of time. One summer, I averaged 6 to 8 hours per day in that room, just practicing. I don't know how they put up with that. I think the noise occasionally would fluster my dad a bit. But my mom always liked hearing me play. She always said she found it soothing.

My dad lives a bit farther away now so it's not too often he can see me play out. But my mom lives very close by and she still comes to my gigs!
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