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Default Re: Your parent's attitude towards your drumming

I'll say no. I initially join the school band in 5th grade as a trombone player but i hated it and my friends were drummers so I switch partway through the year and stuck with it ever since. I never had a drum set the entire time growing up. I filled up high school with band classes and continued in college in the percussion ensemble and marching band along with taking private lessons on various percussion instruments and marched 2 years of drum corps.

I continued teaching high school drumlines for about 12 years after graduation and recently stopped doing that last year due to burnout and time commitments from my real job. Finally, at age 35, I purchased a house and now have the room to put the 4.5 octave marimba in my front room and my first drum set in the basement so I can spend my time doing more personal playing and practicing versus teaching others.
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