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Default Re: Your parent's attitude towards your drumming

My mom sang and played piano, and my dad played accordion! My brother also played drums, and when he switched to guitar at a young age, I inherited his drums and started lessons (I had just turned 9.)

Both parents were supportive/tolerant of my playing and practicing, which I did with no encouragement needed. Obviously there were rules about not playing too late, or too early on weekends, but I don't recall ever being told to knock it off or take a break.

I know that both were proud when I began playing with my school bandmates, submitting tapes to Dr. Demento, and later gigging around around town and even earning a living drumming by the time I was 20. Soon after, once they saw that the Al gig was moving forward, they knew I was on the musical path I'd always wanted. They're both long gone now, but I'm sure are still proud from beyond. Someday they can tell me in person.

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