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Default Re: Your parent's attitude towards your drumming

As far as I know, my parents were not musicians, or musical, nor were my grandparents on both sides, although my dad would sit and listen to the Boston Pops simulcast on FM radio and he had an intense appreciation for music, classical mostly, but also county and some pop. Much later in life, post 50, he taught himself some piano since we had an old upright.

My older brother (by 3 years) took up Alto Sax in the 6th grade and went all the way through the public school music program. So hearing about all the cool stuff he did in band, I wanted to follow in his footsteps. I didn't want Sax, as that was his instrument, so I started off on French Horn. Haha. Ya, that lasted maybe a month or so, then I tried guitar. Nope. Not for me either.

It wasn't until I saw my brother's school jazz band play at my school that I saw an incredible 14 year old drummer playing his jazz on a Slingerland black diamond pearl 4 piece kit. I came home that night and told my parents I WANT TO BE A DRUMMER. THAT IS WHAT I WANT TO PLAY!!

After recovering from the horrified feeling they just felt of having drums in the house, they were finally glad I had found something to do, other than play football and called around to several band parents and music shops and agreed to give me drum lessons. My mom even called the junior high music teacher to inquire about good drum teachers in the area and get some advice on how to approach my interest in drumming.

So they fully supported me and my drumming. For Chrismas of 1972, I was 11 and they gave me my first drum set, which was a Japanese Import, a stencil kit. And they supported me all the way thru public school's music programs, came to see me in marching band, etc.

PS, sorry this is long-winded...
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