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Default Re: Rockband - only more for reals.

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
What I was alluding to is if you want to play drums, then Rock Band, IMO, is a waste of time. I'd encourage beginners to use that time on a real drum kit instead of Rock Band, it's a more efficient use of time and better in the short run and the long run.
I agree if your purpose is to learn to play the drums.

On the other hand, if you're just playing it for fun with friends with no desire to become a drummer, then it's just what it is - a diverting bit of entertainment.

My brother (for instance) used to be alarmingly good at Guitar Hero. Can he play the guitar? Hell no. Can I play the guitar? Yes, I can - but I'm useless at Guitar Hero. He has no desire to play the guitar but played the game for laughs.
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