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Default Re: Pedal ranking - Light to Heavy Feel

That wasn't my order, wildbill. dre25 revised the list with the addition of DW pedals. I just thought it would be interesting to draw an imaginary line dividing the list into two halves -- light and heavy, so to speak...

Where do you think it would sit on the list? Revise it and post. This is entirely subjective, but I believe it will eventually help determine some sort of "ranking" of the playing feel for people like me looking for pedals.

gr82bagn, some great pedals there... How about incorporating your pedals within the larger list so that some sort of tentative order can be arrived at. dre25 came up with this list:

Axis AL-2
Pearl Demon Drive
Tama Speed Cobra
Pearl Eliminator
Mapex falcon
Tama Iron Cobra

Where would these pedals go, ie. the Jojo and Speed King pedal?
1. JoJo Mayer PB
2. Speed King
3. Tama Iron Cobra

- Reggae Mangle

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