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Default Re: Silly question about kick drum depth

Alot of old skool hit recordings were made with bass drums that were 14" in depth, so I don't believe the problem is there. How you tune, what heads you use, how you mic, how you play, are all factors in how the drum should sound. I've owned 14" to 18" deep bass drums (now I have two: 16x22 and 16x26) and 16" deep is as deep as I need for practical purposes. When I had a 18x22, it was just too deep and took up too much room on the bandstand and was a pain to load into a car (you definitely need a truck at a certain point in your gigging career). The 16" depth isn't that much deeper so it's easier to handle. I've always like my 20" bass drums to be 14" deep, though. Too long and it looks tubular. My 16x26 looks like a 14x22 on steroids.
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