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Default Re: Assume sound quality is equal: Digital or Analog?

"I'm somewhat convinced that analog seems to be the "purer" type of sound and digital is somehow "fake"."

I'd argue that both analog and digital recording systems are not pure. For example, in its strictest sense, distortion is a corruption of a pure signal. Distortion can either occur or be invoked in both analog and digital recording devices and systems. The only difference is that because analog is an earlier technology, many types of music have already established a large repertoire of creative uses for analog distortion, and these have gone on to become canons of recording practice. But there are other more recent contemporary styles which are have found equally creative applications for digital distortion, and which have opened up new avenues for artistic expression.

Much of 20th and 21st century popular music have invoked all sorts of signal processing which, on the one hand can be seen as a corruption of a pure signal, but on the other hand are deemed necessary to fulfill the creative desires of the artist. I've stopped worrying about the analog-digital argument, and focused more on how the inherent characteristics of each paradigm can be deployed to deliver my artistic intentions. I use whatever works. And I 'm thankfull for having both technologies at my disposal.
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