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Default Re: Setting up a single Pearl tom

Thanks for all this help, guys, and thanks Swexx and Terence for the pix. Terence, your gear looks like it's seen a fair few seedy bars :)

Good point about needing to take the extension into account. There's no rack - it's the Origin series (Bob, if you're going Guru and still playing jazz, it could be good for you too).

And yes, it's a huge upgrade. In the late 70s I went from a beaten up Pearl / Aria Frankenstein to a top-of-the-line Rogers kit. Bo, I always like having a high tom in the kit. It's Bill Bruford's fault. In the old days I had a roto toms with the old Rogers too.

I guess I could have asked Andy in the first instance about getting an 8" drum included but it didn't occur to me (sharp work, not). So Andy, if you're reading, I wonder if an integrated Guru L-plate is easy to do?

Larry, if you hold the drum for me bring along a mate to fan me with a banana tree leaf, maybe another to fee me grapes (peeled).


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