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Default Re: Silly question about kick drum depth

I have a 14x24 and it always sounds great, but the deeper shells do have more presence within the music. It's more of something you feel in the music, than notice hearing it.
Micing is important, but how the drum is set up is important too. If there are muffled heads, and it's JAW, how's that going to be heard through guitars, bass, maybe keyboards? Goes for toms too, but that's another thread.

I mainly use 26's, and have 16-18 and 2 with a 20" depth. I use the same Coated Ambassador batter, smooth white front on all of them. I don't use pre-muffled heads, they aren't for me. I use a small piece of foam at the bottom of the shell to soak up the sound bouncing around the shell.

The 16 has great sound/feel etc..., but the 18 has that, but more overall presence in the music. It's not 'louder", or, more "boomy", it's just makes everything more full sounding.
I really like this size drum. I also like an 18x24 very much--wish I had one :-)

The 20" depth bass drums have a great balance of tone, punch, articulation of the beater hitting the head, and a full sound. It records easily, and sounds full, but not over the top, where you just hear bass drum over everything. Just a nice balance of boom and punch. It's kind of a "magic" depth IMO.
I like a 20" depth on just about any size bass drum, but it is a pain to carry unless you have a van or truck. The good thing is, I can use the same case for any size 26 I'm using.
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