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Default Re: The Canadian View of The Movie "ARGO"

Originally Posted by wsabol View Post
From the Argo Wikipedia page

What you say is true, but remember that the primary of Hollywood's products are to entertain, not necessarily tell the truth, the whole, so help you god. The percentage of "historically based" films that don't paint the whole picture or fudge some details is probably 99-100%, so this is nothing new.

As an American I was very moved by the film and by the story in general. I can assure you that Canadian government's aid came across as very integral to the plot and the survival of the six Americans, regardless of the details. Now that the movie is out, I'm sure all Americans who see it have an appreciation for the sacrifices Canada made and feel grateful for our northern neighbors.

EDIT: ps. According to the "Canadian Caper" wiki, there is already a film, released in 1981, depicting the rescue from Canada's perspective. It's called "Escape from Iran: The Canadian Caper". I might check this one out.

+1.This has always been the case with Hollywood film making.You can't assume anything that comes from there is even close 100% historicly accurate.

A quote from "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" outlines this nicely...."Sir,this is the West,when the legend becomes fact...print the legend".

It's all based on either entertainment value,or the directors perspective of the facts(historical enhancement).Just ask Oliver Stone or Michael Moore,whos films are based on THEIR opinion of what happened,based on their own personal belief system,and genreally nothing to do with reality.

Steve B
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