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Default Re: Durable stick sugestions. Please help.

I have settled on Vic Firth,. 5B's if I need to be loud (keeping up with bigger guitar amps) or, if we break out the 5 watt tube amp, I will use AJ1's. I use to chew through the sticks on the high hats (I would be covered in wood chips by the end of practice :P) but a little change in technique fixed that and my sticks now last ages. I actually end up with little bits of the tip breaking off before I actually break the stick anymore.

I actually tried the pro-mark japanese white oaks and split one in two weeks, right along the grain.

Btw, when I say ages, I buy a pair a year or so now. Though I at this point I am only playing 4 hours a week or so at band practice (on real drums, e-drums at home).
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