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Default Re: Rockband - only more for reals.

Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
It's different because with sheet music, you are given actual, definable note values. You aren't given those in Rockband. Secondly, sheet music doesn't automatically scroll for you. You have to actually 'read' it and track it yourself on the page.
Rockband does have gridlines on the scrolling game board, and the "notes" are placed in relation to the gridlines... So if there's a gridline every 1/4 note, and you see 3 evenly spaced "notes" within that cell then they're triplet 1/8s... etc. I think the grid size changes automatically based on the tempo. So the "notes" do have value, but I don't think anyone has ever payed that much attention to them, or at least I never did.

And sheet music can automatically scroll for you, with a computer's help anyway. Finale has a feature like that where it displays the entire score on one horizontal line (or 2+ linked staves if it's a multi-staff score), and auto-scrolls it as it plays back through MIDI (obviously the tempo needs to be set correctly for this to work).
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