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I am looking to purchase my first DW5000 double bass drum pedal. I have never used double pedals. I play in an 18-piece jazz/swing band that doesn't require constant or heavy playing, but the music does offer occasional 2-4 bar solos that I feel would be more easily played with a double pedal.

DW5000 pedals are now offered in the AD4 model which offers some improved features (so says DW) over their previous pedals. If I decide to purchase the AD4, are the improvements worth the price and do they offer that much difference over the previous models?

DW's 5000 series used to offer chain models, strap models, accelerator vs. delta turbos and each pedal seems to differ slightly.

So, that being the case, which pedal might work the best? I spotted a strap model for sale for around $200, but most of the DW5000 I have seen are of the chain variety. How does the strap model compare with the chain pedal? guys are the experts. Which pedal would you choose?


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