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Default Re: Mapex Raptor VS. Gibralrtar Intruder

Originally Posted by Reggae_Mangle View Post
Sounds like a super-heavy foot action, can't imagine how much pressure it would take to do something like that. I'd suspect my drumhead would tear first if I put pressure after the beater made contact.

- Reggae Mangle
It may. I play pretty heavy footed (light when playing over 200bpm, heavy for anything under - I'm pretty difficult to set mic levels, so triggers help).

But - if you use one of those kick pads over the beater surface, those things go first. Some are better than others (depending on style, beater, etc...).

If this is an issue, you'll most likely start to see dimple form where the beater hits. This would be an indicator to purchase a reinforcing pad.
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