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Default is it the head or the shell?

I'm sure the ultimate answer is probably both. but for those of us with a tighter budget I'm askin those of you with some knowledge to share some knowledge...please.

how much of the drums sound is head and how much is the shell and does the wood really matter? again this all mite be obvious... but I'd like a lesson.

i got a taye rock pro set. birch and basswood. I'd like to get it sounding jazzy. I've read some forums where dudes recommend a 1 ply coated head for that sound. and before i go out and spend the doh i wanted to know if it would work with any type of shell?

my snare on this set came with an aquarian velocity z-100 coating head and in my opinion it ain't soundin very jazzy. its kinda thick actually. ghost notes don't really sound to good.

well i hope lots of you pros go to town here on heads and shells with your opinions
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