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Default Re: Mapex Raptor VS. Gibralrtar Intruder

Originally Posted by Kelly! View Post
I own 2 sets of raptor pedals and love them. One set is for practice and the other is for live shows. I haven't experienced any problems whatsoever with them. I believe it's certainly a personal decision as to which pedals to use. I spent twice the money on a set of speed cobras and, while the longboard was awesome, pieces randomly started to loosen up and fall out/apart. I returned them less than a week later...
I experience this with a lot of new metal parts (including cars). Settling occurs. Sometimes a one time torque after being worked in is all that is necessary.

Also with cymbal stands, etc...

I have two sets of Speed Cobras - on one set that I set up and break down often, this never happened. On the other (that stays home), I've found 3 lose bolts - 1 that holds a beater in place, one that holds the cam, and another (I forget). Since I tightened each one, I have not experienced that again. I blame myself for not tightening all the bolts upon receipt. I don't necessarily feel that they are inferior (or weak) products.

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