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Default Re: DW 9000 pedal users please chime in...

Originally Posted by huskytool View Post
Are you using strap or chain? Explain your preference?

Well, I just changed out the chain for the strap. But I did so many other adjustments to it that I can't say how much change just doing that has made.
I'm trying to learn a new technique, so I removed the heel plate. It works much better now for that technique, but it's a little uncomfortable that way. Probably not made like the heel-less one that come that way.
Also changed out the self-locking nut on the bottom of the chain for a regular nut, till I get everything dialed in the way I want it. Then I'll put the self locker back on.
There's no pressure for me to have things working for gigs or whatever, so I'm just goofing around with stuff now, trying to see what works best.

EDIT: OK - my DW9000 exploration is over - ha ha. Most pedals it doesn't matter to me, but this is one on which I definitely prefer the chain. Maybe I've just gotten used to it that way, but it's back on and staying there. The heel plate is also back on. It's much more comfortable that way.
I was impressed with this pedal for the way I play, and that's how I'll use it. I've got other pedals that seem to work better for different techniques, like heel/toe, for example.
But that and constant release, and other techniques are fairly new to me, and I'm not proficient enough with them yet to incorporate them into my normal playing, which the DW complements very well, pretty much the way it was shipped out.


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