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Default Re: Mapex Raptor VS. Gibralrtar Intruder

Originally Posted by Reggae_Mangle View Post
How exactly did the bearing housing break? Isn't the bearing housing held within those two posts that are screwed together? I've seen designs like the Pearl Eliminator, where the bearing holder is inside the post... A similar case here, it just looks like it's mounted between those two screws.

Any photographs to show what damage was done? I've seen information about the Raptor pedal (I'm assuming it is this exact one) coming apart and it would be good to look at what happened.

I don't see how having the posts screwed together would effect anything, I just don't see where something could go mechanically wrong from a design perspective. I have seen damaged pedals and often wonder what exactly happened.

I'll admit, I have a selfish motive! :P Was interested in these pedals, have seen a few demos on the internet, they seem really smooth and the price is the clincher. Haven't seen any pictures of a damaged unit though, would be good to have closure, lol :D

- Jimmy Rage

No photo sorry. When the beater flies toward the head, the axle (which the beater/cam is mounted on) is doing a spinning motion, which is fine. But when the beater contacts the head, the axle can no longer spin so that force (from your leg) now becomes downward pressure on the axle, so it is bending the axle against the bearing (which is fixed and can't move). If you compare the Raptor to a Demon Drive, the housing on the raptor is short and screwed together, whereas the DD is much longer and is all one piece of solid metal.

That's my theory of what happened anyway. If you have ever taken apart skateboard/rollerskate wheels and had to use a screwdriver to lever the bearing out of the wheel, it's just like that

I don't if housing is the correct term, I'm just referring to the part of the pedal which holds the bearing.
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