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Default Recommended Direct Drive Pedal?

I ordered an Axis A longboard a few days ago but the website emailed me saying they werenít selling single pedal Axis anymore. (I live in the UK so itís a bitch and a half to get axis). I could go with ebay but there is something about ebay I donít like. So annoyingly Axis are out of the Question. Trick are also out of the Question because they are a little out of my price range.

I was looking at Demon Drives, but many people were complaining about the clicking noise on the pedal and the scratching issue. I noticed they were playing the Double Pedal version. So whats the Single pedal like? Same issues or anything else I should know? I couldnít find anything about the SINGLE pedal version, so thats why I am here. I have tried the Demon Drive out at a shop and i was in heaven!

ALSO any other Direct Drive pedals to recommend. I'm starting to learn extreme metal and most people that play that type of music highly recommends Direct Drive because of its smoothness and quick reacting so...

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