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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name: Nik
Age: 25
How long have you been playing: Since 13, on and off during University, rarely recently due to living situation.
Origin of user name: Inuit word for wolf (in Inuktitut).
Your top 5 drummers: Jose Pasillas, John Dolmayan, Danny Carey, Chad Smith, Buddy Rich
Make of drumkit: Tama Starclassic Performer
Make of cymbal: Sabian
Where do you practice: Living room on practice pad
Are you in a band: I play informally for a few groups and as a house drummer at an open mic.
Do you play covers or originals: Mostly covers, but a few originals (as a sit in drummer).
What style of music: Folk, Rock, Funk, Swing, Punk, et al.
Favourite take out food: Subway
What country do you live in: Canada
One really odd fact about yourself: Fantastic swimmer.
How did you start drumming: Parents got my brother a cheap kit for Christmas one year. He gave up, I decided to not let them go to waste and picked it up as a hobby. One highschool band later and I was hooked.
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