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Default Re: Assume sound quality is equal: Digital or Analog?

Good input from everyone (who supported their stance). Unfortunately the "it all ends up digital" argument doesn't necessarily apply in this situation since we're more in the punk/noise music world where its very common to release something on vinyl. Then again there's always a streaming/downloading system used as well. Right now budget is a HUGE determining factor so digital/analog together it is.

Thinking about it more, later on (with money) I could produce an EP or LP with only analog devices. This analog concept would tie into the album and be meaningful but I think for general purposes, a hybrid system might be the way to go. There's seems to be some inherent quality of analog that makes it seem more.. alive. I'm not sure what it is really. Maybe the imperfections bring in an aspect of randomness that makes it have its own personality of sorts... Too much time spent thinking about analog or digital, not enough time spent making music.
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