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Default Re: Evans new Level 360 drum heads

I was at the NAMM show in Anaheim, CA this last week.

I went by the Daddario booth and happened to talk with one of the Evans guys about the 360 thing.

Per Evans, 360 is a technology that is used on all Evans heads sized 6 thru 16 inches. But that seems like it was already agreed upon in this thread.

Here's the interesting thing for me. When I asked how Evans would deal with existing stock (dealer RMA's, buy backs, etc.) the rep said they had already started shipping them.

He said they had been shipping them since June.

So if you buy from an Evans dealer that regularly moves through stock, the chance is very good that you have already used a 360 head. If you buy from a dealer who has Evans heads sitting on the shelf for very long periods of time then you probably have not.

I bought an Evans head (coated G2) in the last few weeks and didn't notice any 360 logo on the box. But I'll bet it is the newer model. Sounds good as they usually do. The head fit to my '68 Acrolite like any G2 I've gotten in the past.

Food for thought. :)

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